October 24, 2013

America Y'all

Wearing: Forever 21 beanie (men's section) and shoes ; H&M scarf ; Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise jacket ; Thrifted flannel ; American Apparel Flag Print Power Washed Tee and navy Disco Pants 
One of my favorite items from American Apparel are the Disco Pants. If any of you have been following my blog from the beginning, you'll know that I wore the crap out of my black Disco Pants last winter.  Ever since I bought the black ones I've always wanted to get them in navy so I finally got them back in August before I left work. You really can't tell that they're navy from the picture, but I swear they are! Anyways, I wore them for the first time yesterday but didn't take a picture so I thought I'd show you today's outfit. I want to get another new pair of Disco Pants but I don't know what color! I've had my eyes on the cranberry and white pairs, and I kind of like the gold ones too, so I'll definitely have to check them out when I go back to work!

October 23, 2013

All Black (Mostly)

Wearing: Forever 21 beanie (men's section) ; H&M scarf ; Thrifted sweater ; American Apparel Chiffon Oversized Button-Up (worn underneath) + black Disco Pants ; Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise jacket;  Juju Jelly sandals 

October 20, 2013

Boyfriend Jeans

Wearing: H&M scarf, Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise jacket, Forever 21 sweater + shoes, American Eagle jeans
I went through a short phase where I absolutely despised wearing jeans. Even the idea of jeans was enough to make me scoff.  It took some time, but as of late, I've slowly gained a new appreciation and love for them. Specifically for boyfriend jeans. I love that with boyfriend jeans, you don't feel so constricted and uncomfortable since they're supposed to be baggy and loose (which is always a plus for when you've had one too many cookies). They're a really nice change from the usual skinny jeans, and I personally think that they look better on me than my skinny jeans do. Even though boyfriend jeans essentially hide your figure, there are definitely countless ways to still look feminine and thats what I love about them. For this outfit though, since it's getting cooler, I decided to dress accordingly. I'm in love with these American Eagle jeans. They aren't extremely baggy, but they're still looser than what I'm used to so I'm still able to achieve the 'boyfriend jean' look that I'm aiming for. I'm looking to buy more boyfriend style jeans in different washes, so leave me any recommendations below of any good brands or places to find some!

October 11, 2013


Hey everyone! I'm writing this during the very wee hours of the night/morning (It's 2 AM right now). Don't ask why I'm still up, but I thought I'd put this post up anyways! I know I said this blog was going to strictly be outfit posts, but I decided it wouldn't be so bad to stray from that every so often and share.. not so much 'haul' posts, but more along the lines of posts pertaining to certain pieces or key items that I love! When I think of what my wardrobe essentials are or what staple pieces everyone should have in their closet, a good moto jacket is what comes to mind. It dawned on me that I didn't actually own a nice moto jacket, nor have I ever really owned one in the past to be honest. Which I'm ashamed of so I thought it was about time I invest in one. This jacket is from Urban Outfitters and it's by the brand Silence + Noise. I'm so excited for it to start getting cooler so I can bust this out!

October 9, 2013

Garden Party

Wearing: American Apparel shawl cardigan, interlock running shorts, & Bobby Lace Up shoes ; JcPenney floral top 

October 8, 2013

Flannel & Maxi Skirt kind of Day

Wearing: Thrifted flannel & t-shirt ; Wal-Mart maxi skirt ; Charming Charlie loafers
Hey guys! Sorry I've been slacking these past two weeks! I don't know why I didn't post up any outfits then! School's always to blame (only not really, I'm just lazy majority of the time and I apologize for that!) I did like my outfit today, and even though I didn't get a snap while I was actually wearing it, I still wanted to put up a picture so here it is! And I apologize that this picture isn't the greatest quality/angle/what have you. There aren't really any good spots in my apartment to take good pictures so I hope you don't mind that for now! Anyways, hope everyone's been having a lovely week so far! Tomorrow's already Wednesday! What?! Not to mention, it's somehow already almost the middle of October! How did that happen? Time flies way too fast!