October 8, 2013

Flannel & Maxi Skirt kind of Day

Wearing: Thrifted flannel & t-shirt ; Wal-Mart maxi skirt ; Charming Charlie loafers
Hey guys! Sorry I've been slacking these past two weeks! I don't know why I didn't post up any outfits then! School's always to blame (only not really, I'm just lazy majority of the time and I apologize for that!) I did like my outfit today, and even though I didn't get a snap while I was actually wearing it, I still wanted to put up a picture so here it is! And I apologize that this picture isn't the greatest quality/angle/what have you. There aren't really any good spots in my apartment to take good pictures so I hope you don't mind that for now! Anyways, hope everyone's been having a lovely week so far! Tomorrow's already Wednesday! What?! Not to mention, it's somehow already almost the middle of October! How did that happen? Time flies way too fast!

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